DIY Games

On this section you will find a list of games and learning tools that you can create yourself.

We will gradually add items to the list. If you know about a game or item that is not on the list please share it in the comment section or send us an email at (we’ll add it to the list with a personal thank you note -so let us know your name!)

Make your own board game and stimulate your creativity!

Make your own game

A good choice is to create your own game. The creation can be a game in itself! You decide the rules, the number of players, the mechanics of the game, the design… Creating a game can be a cool activity to do with your family and friends. Here’s a good guide that can help you putting it together:

Concentration, also known as Match Up, Memory, Pairs…

This is a game for all ages and any numbers of players. An option to exercice (even more) spatial memory is to dispose the cards randomly instead of in an orderly way (this is, in a “chaotic” way rather than in lines and columns). After a couple of difficult games (for all players) you will see how your spatial memory improves! You can get some nice printables here, and more information on the game here. And check this work from Cathe Holden for instructions on how to create nice vintage cards.

Jigsaw Puzzle

It is possible to do your own jigsaw puzzle entirely. However, unless you have a Silouhette Machine to cut the paper (like in these instructions from Instructables), the cut of the pieces might be challenging. Doing it by hand can be an option (check it here) and it depends on the skills you have. Personally, my best option is to choose a photo I like and have it made online. There are many online sites who do that (example). Technically this is more personalizing it than creating it yourself, but it is a nice option too.


Who does not like to watch the stars? Or planets? Building your own telescope can be a learning and amusing experience. Here you are two different sets of instructions: One for a simple refracting telescope and another for a newtonian telescope. The newtonian is more sofisticated, it takes more time and effort to make but it is much more powerful.

1. Refracting Telescope

It is the simplest telescope. It uses lenses and it is (similar to those used by sailors!). You can find instructions here: Depending on its length and the lenses the image can appear upside down. You can learn here why.

2. Newtonian Telescope

Invented by Sir Isaac Newton, it is a type of reflecting telescope. It is cheaper than other types for the quality they bring. Here you can find a video explaining in detail how to make a newtonian telescope:

How to make a Newtonian telescope


Here you will find instructions on how to make a simple microscope. The principle is similar to the refracting telescope. It needs two lenses and a small set of basic materials. If you are up to try some alternatives, check here a list of open source diy microscopes!

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