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DIY Games & Learning Tools

We are glad to present the DIY Games & Learning Tools section of our website. In this section you will find games or learning tools that you can create yourself at home. Right now there are just a few but we plan to grow the list gradually.

DIY Games Section

The items presented today are:

  • Make your own board game
  • Concentration (cards game)
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Telescope
  • Microscope

We will add more games and activities gradually. Every time there will be an interesting update of this section we will publish a post in our facebook page. We hope you will enjoy this section and that you will find -if not now when new items are added- something that will interest you.

Feel free to give us your input about this section. If you know DIY games that do not appear here and you would like us to add it, you can post it as a comment at the bottom of the DIY Games & Learning Tools section or you can send us an email to If you do the latter do not forget to tell us your name so we can include a thank you note when we add it!

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