Game Shop

Games are often seen as just a toy but they can be much more!

This website promotes the concept of learning through play. We are focused on learning games and any playing activity that helps learning and exercise skills such as memory, concentration, creativity, communication…

There is a game shop with a gradually expanding selection of games, an interesting listing of online learning courses and materials and a small section about DIY Games & Learning Tools. A blog will be added soon with interesting articles about games and learning through play.

In addition to being fun, games

  • can be a learning tool
  • can trigger interests, life hobbies
  • can give motivation and encouragement
  • contribute to social interactivity
  • improve skills like memory, creativity, analysis, strategic thinking, patience…and many more!

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A last note -food for thought- extracted from Wikipedia’s article on learning through play: “In the book Einstein Never Used Flash Cards, five elements of play are listed:

  • Play must be pleasurable and enjoyable.
  • Play must have no extrinsic goals; there is no prescribed learning that must occur.
  • Play is spontaneous and voluntary.
  • Play involves active engagement on the part of the player.
  • Play involves an element of make-believe.”